rolls for buns

I’m watching American Idol as I type this up. This is pretty much the first time I’m watching it all season though so I don’t know or have any attachments to any of the contestants! Lauren Alaina is singing right now. Don’t know anything about her, but she must be popular if she’s made it this far!

For dinner tonight I wanted to make HOTDOGS! I had exactly 2 leftover Chicken Sausages from Trader Joe’s to use up, but what I didn’t have was hotdog buns. So I went to Target to pick up some…hotdog buns?? Nope! THESE! :

When Jeff and I went down to LA about a month ago, we had hotdogs from a little place in Pasadena that uses these delicious rolls for their hotdog buns. I thought it was a GENIUS idea, especially since I love these rolls so much! Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of the place because Jeff and his brother went to go pick up the hotdogs for us to eat at their home.

I think that hotdog place used 3 Hawaiian rolls, but I decided to use 2 because my dogs weren’t quite as long as theirs. So just rip out however many rolls you want, but make sure they stay in tact!

And then get a serrated knife and start slicing down the middle…

But make sure not to slice all the way through…you want it to look like a hotdog bun!

Just like this!

You can toast these (which I did) or just leave them as is.

And voila, here’s my hotdog!

Yeah, I really don’t kid around when I profess my love for cilantro. So darn good!

A few things I will do differently next time:

1. Use Hot Links instead of these Chicken Sausages. Chicken Sausages just don’t seem to be the best for hotdogs (they’re better sliced and pan fried, in my opinion!) and especially this flavor (Apple Chardonnay) was too sweet. Hot Links would be PERFECT in this.

2. BUY MUSTARD. Mustard, mustard, mustard how have I been without you for so long now?

3. Add chopped raw white onion.

Anyways, lately we’ve been on an ice cream kick. We’ve been enjoying a bowl of ice cream almost every night (usually Haagen-Dazs Rocky Road) but I decided to try out a couple flavors that were on sale:

I was SO excited for these flavors, but unfortunately they were a bit of a letdown. Blueberry Crumble didn’t have nearly enough “crumbles” and it would better be named “Blueberry Ice Cream.” The Caramel Apple Pie was a little better, but not as good as the classic Haagen Dazs flavors!

Do any of you remember the Haagen-Dazs flavor “Sticky Toffee Pudding”? It was created in a contest (this was back in 2007) and the winner would get to make it an official (limited time I guess) Haagen-Dazs flavor. BEST ICE CREAM EVER! Unfortunately, they’ve stopped making it but there’s even a Facebook page for it to have Haagen-Dazs bring it back! Pretty funny, but I would be sooo happy if they actually did bring it back!

I’ve never had ACTUAL Sticky Toffee Pudding before though. I’ve never seen it in restaurants either or I would totally order it! Guess I have to go to England for it? Or make it myself! I usually don’t like creating recipes without actually trying a legit version first though.

Have you ever had Sticky Toffee Pudding? What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?


14 Comments to “rolls for buns”

  1. I LOVE Hawaiian rolls! my grandpa used to make french toast out of the bread… Mmm… I want to go buy some veggie dogs and hawaiian rolls right now…

  2. Brilliant bun idea!

    Oh and we just potted a cilantro plant (and parsley) because I’m sick of throwing out a bunch!

  3. Looks amazing, Mitzi!

    My fav kind of icecream is cinnamon crumb cake…mmm…it’s making my mouth water as I type this!

  4. my hubbie loves those hawaiian rolls, i never thought to use them as hot dog buns. we usually just chow down on them plain, so soft and a tad sweet.
    as for ice cream, i like my ice cream with stuff in it–cookies, pretzels, granola, something. i’m also very partial to cinnamon, caramel, toffee rather than chocolate ice creams.

  5. Oh, that hot dog looked mouth watering – I think it was all the cilantro plus the hawaiian rolls :-)

  6. This. is. the. best. idea. EVER!!!

    I love those rolls so much and have never thought to use them for anything other than swiping up gravy haha

    This is a must try…with peppers and onions and what not in place of the hot dog but still delicious!

  7. Hawaiian rolls are so yummy! I never thought to eat them with a hot dog but I bet that would be yummy!

  8. Hey, I was browing through this page and the ice cream tubs caught my eye. Where did you get crumble ice cream Haagen Daz?? I don’t think we have these in the UK :(

  9. These buns are sooo good! Never thought about using them for hot dogs but I love that idea!

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