Hello! My name is Mitzi Song. Welcome to My Nikon Eats Food!


As you may have guessed, I love food!


I  also love photography (by no means am I even remotely an expert, but it is something I find fun!). My Nikon Eats Food is an outlet for these two loves.


But this isn’t a strict blog with strict rules. I’ll pretty much be writing whatever I find fancy that day.

I currently reside in the Bay Area in Northern California. Born and raised here, and yet I still feel like I haven’t taken in everything the city of San Francisco has to offer!


Thanks for reading!







7 Comments to “ABOUT”

  1. Hey Mitzi!

    I stumbled upon your blog through “Pinch of Yum.” It’s sooo cute!

    Can’t wait to read more!

  2. aw thank you! glad you came by =)

  3. I love this.

    I really, really admire your decision not to go to school. I can only imagine how tough that must have been. But I love that you focus on that you CAN still do your loves! I went to school – but it was for something I hate – now, I’m $150k + in debt – and in a job I hate :(

    So…yeah, if you find a job where I can write and cook all day – LET ME KNOW! :)

    • thanks for such a lovely comment.
      OY that must be so so tough, the situation that you are in. i hope hope hope your situation improves soon for you. <3

      and if i find that job, i'll be sure to let you know ASAP! :D

  4. I found your website by accident one day, and I am impressed with the quality of your food-photos. I also love taking pictures of my food, and I am looking to upgrade from a cannon powershot to a DSLR. I am leaning towards a Nikon, but don’t know what model is right for me (an uber-beginner). What model do you use? I like that you can take pictures of your food close-up and have only a very specific spot in the frame focused.

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