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March 7, 2011

Ramen Dojo & the Macro Lens

I’m still craving that ramen I had on Friday. It was sheer ramen perfection. Sure, instant ramen is good and has it’s place and time in life, but it can’t beat the real thing!

If you’re in the Bay Area and craving ramen, seek out Ramen Dojo. It’s a tiny restaurant in Downtown San Mateo with only about 5 tables or so, but it is worth it! We got there at 5:30pm on Friday night even before they opened, and there was already a line forming.

They have a few different ramen options, but their most popular is by far their Garlic Pork ramen. And you can order your ramen medium-spicy, regular-spicy, or extra-spicy. I am a spicy all the way girl so I of course got extra-spicy. The ramen is topped with a couple slices of barbequed pork, quail egg, roasted garlic, mushroom, and a bunch of other goodies.

It was also my first time trying Takoyaki:

Have you ever had Takoyaki? I had heard of it before, and to my understanding is that it is a popular street food in Asia. I never actually saw it in a restaurant to order here though, so I’ve never had an opportunity to try it. Well after my experience on Friday, I’d best describe it as a fried ball of batter with grilled octopus. I liked it but I can’t say I loved it. I’d definitely eat it again though!

All the photos I took at Ramen Dojo were taken with the macro lens we borrowed on Friday (by the way, Jeff took about 800 photos at the wedding he went to on Saturday with the 70-200mm lens and he loved it. It’s always a good thing to be standing faraway from someone and yet taking a close-up photo of them. Stalker-ish, but good.) But since Jeff had the camera most of the weekend, I experimented a little more with the macro lens today.

I love it.

As predicted, the lens is a little long for comfort, but I still love the fact that I can get as close as possible to the object as I want and it will still focus. That is something I can’t do with the 50mm. But I think it is a given for me now that if I do get a macro lens, I will definitely be getting the 60mm over the 105mm. I had considered the 105mm before, but I think the 60mm is long enough for me.

That being said, I probably will not get a macro lens anytime soon. I’ll have my fun with this macro lens until Friday and then I’ll happily go back to using my other lenses. They’re getting a little jealous! ;)

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March 5, 2011

A Good & Bad Way to Spend a Friday Night

The good way:

Japanese ramen. Yes…it was as good as it looks. Probably the best ramen in the bay area!

Now the bad:

Spending my Living Social coupon for Fandango to watch “I Am Number Four.” Somehow, I got overruled and our plan to watch “Adjustment Bureau” changed. Some people (not mentioning names) were expecting an awesome action movie but it ended up being more like a cheesy chick flick. Not that I don’t love a good chick flick, but this one was cheesy even for me! Oh well, now I’ve earned the right to choose the next movie we watch. =)

I gotta admit though…I am loving this macro lens. I’ll write more about it and the ramen later!