quick post

Hi everyone! Thanks to those for your concern regarding my absence! Things are great over here, but I don’t have internet at my place right now which makes it difficult to blog, but I WILL be getting internet again SOON! I’ll be back soon! =)


7 Comments to “quick post”

  1. I kind of figured you were in the process of moving. I just knew you would get that apartment! You go girl! :)

  2. yay! we’ve missed you!! come back soon!

  3. I’m assuming you’ve abandoned your blog cause its been longer than “soon.” Do you still not have internet access? Why dont you go somewhere with internet access and blog?

    • Hi Eli, I really do hope to start posting again soon. I have to be honest and say that as life has gotten a little busier, along with other issues, the blog has been pushed back in terms of priority. Whether I’ve “abandoned” this blog or not, I really do not see my blog as a job nor do I feel I owe anyone posts. Of course there are consequences to that (less readership, etc) but that is my own stuff to deal with and I plan to repost on my own time. Thank you for your concern on my absence though!

  4. I hope you are well…and have internet access soon!

  5. Ohhh hope all the changes are going well for you~ Just saw the crazy apartment too! hehe. Take care~

  6. Just take your blog down since you havent written in several months!

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