unlimited spice

You may recall a few days ago when Jeff and I went to a Thai restaurant. We love Thai food, but we love it even MORE when it’s eaten with Thai Pickled Chili Peppers. Or is it Thai Pickled Jalapenos? Most Thai restaurants have it, but they don’t usually have it out on the table already with the chili sauces. You usually have to ask for it.

And we don’t like just eating a little throughout the meal. We like eating a piece (or several pieces) of chili pepper slices with EVERY BITE.

At the recent Thai restaurant we went to, we naturally asked for the pickled chilis. The waitress brought out a small container with about 5 slices of jalapeno. It was clearly NOT ENOUGH. The next time she came to our table we asked her if we could have more. She brought out another container with literally about 3 slices of jalapeno!

We decided to stop asking for more and just try to let those few slices of chili pepper last through the meal. Oh, but how I wished I had a LIMITLESS amount of pickled jalapenos. I didn’t want to feel like I had to “save” them. I wanted an endless supply!

ENTER: Making my own.

These are Mexican Serrano Chili Peppers and I bought them at my local Asian supermarket (Ranch 99). I wasn’t 100% sure which type of chili peppers to use. My first instinct was to use the chili peppers called “Thai Chili Peppers” but they’re super tiny and I think they’re mainly used in cooking dishes, not for pickling.

There were also regular jalapenos, which I’m sure would work perfectly fine but these Mexican Serrano Chili Peppers looked like the size of the pickled chili peppers I see at Thai restaurants. So I went with them, and they’re perfect!

I sliced them thinly…

And made sure not to touch my eyeballs!

After slicing them all up I put them into empty mason jars (I used 2 small-ish ones) and then I got started on the pickling ingredients:

Pour about a cup of White Distilled Vinegar in a bowl/measuring cup.

And to that, add 2 tablespoons white sugar…

and 1 teaspoon salt…

And mix it until it gets all dissolved (it dissolves pretty quickly!).

Then pour the “pickling juice” into the mason jar. This was a recipe for just one mason jar, so I made it twice (or you can just double the recipe). Just make sure the chili peppers get fully immersed in the “juice”!

And behold the beauty you have just created!

I was a PROUD pickled chili pepper mama!

Jeff and I are spicy food FANATICS. Most of our meals (pastas, sandwiches, stir-fries, pizza) are doused in some sort of hot chili sauce. These are 2 of our favorites!

Sriracha and Chili Garlic Sauce. I like the one on the right a little more because it’s a little more “chunky” and has actual chili flakes!

And paired with these pickled chili peppers…it’s a match made in heaven!

You can pretty much eat these pickled chili peppers right away (we ate it just a couple hours later) but it definitely just gets better with age!

I was so excited for tonight’s dinner because I was making something that would go so well with these pickled chili peppers (most things do though, so it wasn’t that hard)

I made a simple stir-fry with Jasmine rice, and of course my favorite chili sauce and my beloved pickled chili peppers. I went back for thirds on the chili sauce and pickled chili peppers.

Sigh…it was so wonderful not to have an “unlimited” supply. =) I’m pretty confident I’m going to be making these ALL my life.

Thai Pickled Chili Peppers

Recipe from All Recipes (just the amounts are altered)

Makes: 2 small jars


20-25 Serrano Chili Peppers (I’m sure other varieties of chili peppers would work as well)

2 cups white distilled vinegar

4 T sugar

2 tsp kosher salt


Thinly slice chili peppers and split equally into 2 small mason or canning jars.

In a separate bowl or measuring cup, combine vinegar, sugar and salt. Mix until sugar and salt are dissolved. Pour the mixture evenly into each jar.

Store and use up to a few months.

Are you a fan of spicy foods or tend to avoid them??


11 Comments to “unlimited spice”

  1. YUM! in the past few years I have learned to LOVE spice… prior to that I had only had the kind of heat that has no flavor, only produces tears! :)

    this is a great post – your photos are stunning!

  2. That’s a wonderful idea!! We love all kinds of hot foods and hot peppers, but I never thought about making my own peppers. We’ll have to give that a try sometime! :)

  3. I like spice but girl, you take it over the top!! I’ve never had a pickled pepper, will have to give it a try. Your photos are beautiful, I especially love the first one.

    Ps. The guy at the drive through window at Mickey D’s the other day was totally being a ketchup hog – he gave me like 2 packets so I asked for more and he gave me only 2 more, I was too embarrassed to ask for more, but what the heck is up with that?!

    • lol SERIOUSLY!! i love it when restaurants and such aren’t stingy with their condiments. i mean, i know it’s money, but we customers notice generosity and will be back more because of it!

  4. I like spice but spice doesn’t like me unfortunately. If my stomach could handle it, I would be eating scorching hot food everyday :-)

  5. Love the pictures! I’m impressed, these would be nice to have around!

  6. LOVE spicy food! I love both of those hot sauces and agree that the one on the right is better. I love piling it on my food!

  7. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE spicy food and the two hot sauces you guys use are two of my absolute favorites. I love your pictures…they are so cool. I want to pickle something now :-)

  8. I am a pickled veggie freak and pickled chiles/peppers are my favorite!! I also adore both Sriracha and the chili garlic sauce. I crave Sriracha so bad it’s not even funny.

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