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April 12, 2011

heaven in a cup

I have been wanting to go to Ruth’s Chris for a while now. For the steak, yes, of course, but mainly…for their dessert.

On Saturday night my friends were kind enough to treat me to a birthday dinner at this restaurant with amazing food and just-as-amazing-as-their-food service. I loved our waiter.

We ordered some wine for the table…

…which the waiter brought down from $85 to $65! This was so smooth and delicious.


And then it was time to look at the menu, which is where I became conflicted and distraught.

I knew I wanted to get the Prix Fix menu.


Appetizer? Hmm…I guess I’ll go with the classic Caesar Salad. No picture, because it was a little boring.


Meat? Cowboy Ribeye please! Difference between Cowboy Ribeye and plain Ribeye? Cowboy Ribeye = BONE-IN = YUM.

Unfortunately, my thoughts were bigger than my stomach because I could only get through 1/3 of this.


Side? Green beans with roasted garlic please!

Crunchy and the perfect accompaniment to the steak.


Dessert? This is where I became distraught and conflicted because the only option was something in the likes of “Chocolate cake with raspberry syrup.” Yuck and yuck. Together? Double yuck. So I kindly called our waiter and said,

Me: Excuse me, I have a question! Do you have a dessert with all sorts of berries with a cream like thing over it?

Waiter: Why yes, yes we do!

Me: Well, I’m looking at the prix fix menu with this fixed dessert and I’m wondering if I could switch it to this amazing sounding berries and cream dessert instead?

Waiter: It’s your birthday, we can do anything you want.

Me: I love you.


OK, I only thought the last line, but when this heavenly dessert came out, complete with a candle and a “Happy Birthday” written in chocolate, I was all smiles.

Best birthday “cake” ever. No, those aren’t finger swipes, what are you talking about??


We loved this so much that my friend and I recreated it at home the very next day! We used PW’s recipe, but didn’t follow it exactly. We used less egg yolks and less sugar.

It was purrrrrfect. We (and everyone else who tried it) thought it tasted pretty much like Ruth’s Chris’ except maybe a little sweeter. So next time (and there will be a next time) I’ll use even less sugar.


My dinner at Ruth’s Chris was wonderful.

Good food, good service, and most of all good friends.


Oh, and the Giants won just a couple miles away from us as we were about to bite into our steaks.

Err yeah…watching on the iPhone. Crazy fans.

April 5, 2011

everyday dessert

Look at that gloop of marshmallow. Yum.

I need something sweet (aka dessert) every night. It can range from a tiny piece of chocolate to a bowl of ice cream to one of these. It doesn’t matter what!

I have to admit, I’m partial to ice cream though…

Specifically Haagen-Dazs.

Specifically the flavors Green Tea…or Coffee…or Rocky Road.

What’s your favorite sweet way to end the day?