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April 13, 2011

a birthday win

Yesterday, Jeff took me to a SF Giants vs. LA Dodgers game for my actual birthday. We didn’t want to go out to a nice dinner since we’d done that on Saturday, but we still wanted to do something fun and special.

So we got all decked out in our Giants gear…

And went to the game at AT&T Park.

It was perfect! It was a good game to go to because the Giants and Dodgers are huge rivals, the awesome Timmy Lincecum was pitching, we got 2nd row seats, aaand the Giants won!

I used to hate baseball and thought it was super boring. I went to the games only for the garlic fries – once the fries were gone, I wondered how much longer the game was going to go on for. But now, I actually pay attention to what’s going on and ENJOY it!

The garlic fries are still a major reason to go to the games though.

Gahhh so good. Garlic makes everything better.

I also got a Louisina Hot Link Dog.

I am obsessed with hot links. Yummy. Complete with ketchup, deli mustard, onions, and saurkraut!

The only con was that it was freeeeeeeeeeezing. I wished I had brought my gloves, scarf, and boots. Jeff went to go buy a Giants blanket right before the game started but it was sold out EVERYWHERE!

Before the game, we just meandered around the city.

While we were walking around, I got a HUGE HANKERING for a vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting. I just HAD to have a vanilla cupcake. Maybe it’s because it was my birthday and I thought I should eat cake, or because I had the most awesome and amazing vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting just a few days earlier and I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

That cupcake I had a few days ago was so good I scraped the cupcake liner clean. The cupcake was even a day old!

This vanilla cupcake was a cupcake that my friend picked up from a cupcake truck called Cupkates. I don’t know how their other flavors are, but this vanilla cupcake was so good. I’ve never really had a strong opinion about cupcakes – whether its from Sprinkles, Kara’s, Crumbs, etc – and this is the first time I’ve been enamored with a cupcake.

Anyway, so to fulfill this vanilla cupcake craving, Jeff and I went to the Ferry Building’s Miette bakery.

Unfortunately, the only cupcakes they had were chocolate, carrot cake, and gingerbread. I needed vanilla.

So with a quick yelp search we found ourselves a half mile away at Cupcake Cove.

Their sprinkles were cute…

But unfortunately their cupcakes were no match to Cupkates.

Jeff got the coffee flavor and we both agreed that the cupcakes were a little too dry and the frosting was a little too sweet.

Oh well, that just means I gotta hunt down the Cupkate truck! :)

Where is your favorite place to get cupcakes?

PS: Look at these vulturing seagulls after the baseball game ended! I had to wonder if the clean-up crew somewhat appreciates the birds because they eat up all the food, leaving less to clean up. Ugh, gross though!

April 8, 2011

it’s been so long

…since I’ve had SUSHI! So when Jeff’s parents said they wanted to take me out for my birthday tonight, I happily requested Japanese. =)

But backing up to earlier today, my afternoon and evening entirely consisted of nails and baseball.

I’d been wanting to do my nails for a while now and debated getting a manicure – but I think manicures are much more fun when done with a friend. So I thought it’d be much better to get a fun new nail polish color that would be cheaper and would last longer too.


I ended up LOVING this color! It’s sort of a nude/beige/grey color. I find that my hands look better with lighter colored polish than darker colors.



I also picked up some silicone ice cube trays! Now that I’m trying to make my iced coffee drinks from home, I decided to pick these up. Anyone ever tried them?


The funny thing was when I showed these to Jeff (along with my nail polish), he immediately thought they were nail polish bottle holders – not ice cube trays! And you know what? He’s so right!!

OK, so they aren’t specifically made for nail polish, but they fit PERFECTLY!


We also watched an intense game of the Giants vs. Cardinals. SO torturous, because the Giants had been winning the WHOLE game, up until the last inning when the Cardinals scored and got ahead of the Giants. Thankfully, the Giants tied it back up at the bottom of the last inning. Giants FINALLY won it in the 12th inning, which made it the longest opening home game in Giants history! =)

Aaaand, nobody probably cares. Unless you live in San Francisco. Haha =)


Anyway, tonight’s dinner was a little funny too.

Months and months ago, Jeff and I went to a sushi place. We didn’t really enjoy it though so we vowed that we wouldn’t go back. We kind of forgot the name of the place though so when we were looking at yelp tonight to see which sushi place we should go to with his parents, we CHOSE THAT PLACE AGAIN! And we didn’t know it, until we actually got there.


Thankfully though, it was better tonight than that other night months and months ago. What we learned from last time was to stay away from their rolls and stick with their sashimi/nigiri – which is precisely what we did tonight!

I got my sushi fix and now I’m good to go for another month or so.

Tomorrow, we’re off to the city all day! Should be fun, but gotta get a good night’s rest tonight. Good night. <3