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April 15, 2011

a new contender

Like many, Trader Joe’s is the main grocery store I go to. I love it because it’s generally cheap, has unique products, and is super close to where I live (a 5 minute drive).

Some of the other grocery stores I like going to but don’t go to that often include,

Whole Foods: Of course I always have a blast walking around Whole Foods, but it’s a 15 minute drive away instead of a 5 minute drive which makes a big difference in terms of convenience. But maybe this is a good thing because they’re $$$.

Costco: I only buy a few things from here mainly because I don’t have a huge # of people to feed so most of their products are too much for me. Plus, they’re a 15 minute drive away instead of a 5 minute drive so I just don’t find myself going here too often.

Safeway: I usually go here for things I can’t find at Trader Joe’s, such as dried milk. Or when I’m having a random hankering for Haagen-Dazs at midnight (because they’re open 24 hours)

Asian Supermarkets: I love Asian supermarkets because often they can be cheaper, and they sell things I can’t get at other supermarkets. For example, king oyster mushrooms, a certain sweet potato, and zucchini squash that is not as skinny as the ones they sell at other supermarkets.

But watch out, because there’s a new grocery store in town and I think I’m in love!

Up here in Northern California, Fresh & Easy Markets are just starting to pop up here and there. I was incredibly happy to find out that one was opening up really close to my house, even closer than Trader Joe’s! I’ve been to Fresh & Easy once in LA, but it was in a rush so, not really.

Anyway, I think the biggest thing is that there is another option for me to buy my groceries. Some of their products are cheaper than Trader Joe’s and some of Trader Joe’s are cheaper than Fresh & Easy’s. I guess that’s what it means to be a competitor! :) Fresh & Easy does seem to sell more things in general than Trader Joe’s though.

Here’s what I bought on my first trip there! (I’ll be comparing prices with Trader Joe’s in parenthesis)

I’m still on a quest to find the best soymilk, so I immediately picked up their vanilla soymilk (Trader Joe’s is a little bit cheaper). It was good, but still not quite what I’m looking for. And of course, butter (Fresh & Easy’s is a little bit cheaper).

2 for $3! (Fresh & Easy is a little bit cheaper, but then the bag is a little bit smaller too)

I got suuper excited when I saw this. This whole bunch of cilantro for 98 cents! Trader Joe’s cilantro bunch is tiiiny and I think it’s also a few bucks. Trader Joe’s is organic, but I’m okay with my cilantro not being organic. I’m obsessed with cilantro. I can have a salad made entirely out of cilantro, and I would if it weren’t so expensive!

When I was in Southern California one time, I went to a Subway where they had CILANTRO as an option for a topping. They also had Tapatio sauce. BEST. SUBWAY. SANDWICH. EVER. I’m topping all my sandwiches with this cilantro. Heck, I’m topping everything with this cilantro!

KEY LIMES! for 98 cents too! Awesome. I bought 2 of these bad bunches. :)

Because we love it.

Because we love it. AND Fresh & Easy’s Blue Moon 6-pack is the cheapest I’ve found (not including sales) – $6.99! Even Trader Joe’s sells it for $7.99.

I’ve been to Fresh & Easy a grand total of 3 times in 2 days. Fine, one time was to get oranges for the Blue Moons and the other time was an equally important trip (you’ll see on my next post), but in Jeff’s words, “you’ve betrayed Trader Joe’s.”

Don’t worry Trader Joe’s, I’ll be back!

What’s your #1 grocery store?

March 31, 2011

spring got skipped

Wow, it really feels like summer has hit California! Though it has been warm in the middle of the day, today was the first time in a while that it was warm even early in the morning. It really just “felt” like Summer – like instead of getting in the car to go to work, it felt like I was getting in the car to go to my last day of classes before summer break started. Or, maybe I was just wishing. =)

It was super nice last night too so Jeff and I took advantage of it and went “out” – first to Bed Bath & Beyond! Haha! That’s my kind of going out. ;) I had a $5 off coupon, so I came home with these (ah shoot, I probably would’ve gotten them even without the coupon hehe…)

A drying mat and drying gloves. I live in a super small place, so I really don’t have a lot of room. So whenever I bake, I of course am drowning in dirty dishes, and it’s easier to dry and put them away right away, just to make space. This mat and these gloves help a lot!

Of course, Bed Bath & Beyond is most definitely not Jeff’s idea of “going out” so we went to the movies and watched “Limitless.” This is my favorite kind of movie. Not completely action, not a cheesy chick flick – just fun!

There’s nothing more I want to do in such nice weather like this (nice weather to me is when it’s warm during the day and night – which is why I absolutely love love love Chicago in Spring/Summer) than take a drive into the city (aka San Francisco). San Francisco is usually cold, so I love to take advantage of it during the extra nice days. That picture above was taken last Saturday when we went into the city, when unfortunately, it was pretty chilly.

Instead of going into the city though, I did the next best thing after work – bake! It involved grating butter.

Recipe to come soon! All I’ll say now is it’s been a very delicious, and very blueberry-y week!

P.S. I think that dog up there in the first photo is super cute. It looks like a stuffed animal! I photographed it randomly at the farmer’s market, but I really wanted to steal it. I want one!!!