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May 27, 2011

quick post

Hi everyone! Thanks to those for your concern regarding my absence! Things are great over here, but I don’t have internet at my place right now which makes it difficult to blog, but I WILL be getting internet again SOON! I’ll be back soon! =)

May 10, 2011

a vagrant for the day

Hi all! Hope you’ve had a great Tuesday!

Today was my “Sunday” (going back to work tomorrow) so I was expecting to sleep in a little and have a nice relaxing day. Instead I was bombarded with construction workers who are remodeling the apartment I am at right now and I had to leave the apartment ASAP. I knew that they were going to be doing some remodeling work but I thought they were working on one room at a time and that I would be able to just chill in a room they weren’t working on. NOPE! I didn’t have have time to shower – just time to change and LEAVE.

They did make a lot of progress, but I won’t be staying here long enough to enjoy the remodeled changes!

Putting in a central AC system…

Took away the fireplace and extended the kitchen slightly…

Completely changed the bathroom sink…it used to be a white counter and half of the counter used to extend over the back of the toilet.

And completely stripped the kitchen down.

Yeah…no cooking here anytime soon!

So since I was basically kicked out of my place for the entire day I decided to kill some time walking around stores. I went to one of my favorite places…TJ MAXX!

I walked out of TJ Maxx with these – and only $13 poorer!

A cute, small bowl and something I’ve been looking for for a while – a utensil holder! I’ve been looking for one with a little more “character.”

Like I usually do while shopping at TJ Maxx, I looked up these products on my iPhone – just to see any reviews and compare prices. On Amazon, this utensil holder is being sold for $48.49 (including shipping)!!! At TJ Maxx, it was $7.99. I didn’t even have to debate with myself, I was taking it home with me!

I love that it is deep and the utensils have enough room in there.

I didn’t really have any reason to buy this bowl other than the fact I loved the color, it was $3, and I could see myself using it a lot. It’s the perfect size from cereal to serving homemade whipped cream.

When Jeff got off work, we were going to go watch Thor in IMAX 3D. But it was going to end up costing practically $40 for the both of us! YOWZA. I guess it was so expensive because it was 3D AND IMAX – but $40 was just ridiculous. We decided to pass on the movie and get an early dinner instead at La Salsa where they were having Taco Tuesday for $.99/taco. Much better than $40 for a movie!

LOOOVE salsa bars. My favorite salsa is Pico de Gallo. And of course I love that thing in the top right corner…

Well tomorrow I’m back to work with the cupcakes bright and early at 6am! And later in the evening I’m meeting with the landlord of the studio that I’m really wanting to move into. Hoping it goes well!!

What is your favorite type of salsa? Chunky Pico de Gallo? Smoother restaurant salsa? Green salsa? Salsa from a jar?

May 9, 2011

an orange drink

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great weekend!

This weekend was my first weekend spent WORKING! It was really fun though, so I didn’t mind. My weekends have now shifted to Mondays and Tuesdays (which means I am on my weekend now!)

I am really loving my job. Remember how I said I was having trouble with frosting the cupcakes? Well, I think I’m finally starting to get it! They’ve even let me start frosting and decorating their “extra” cupcakes – which is a HUGE privilege!

From left to right: Snickerdoodle (I can’t not have one of these each day I’m working), Red Velvet, Buttercup, Carrot Cake, Grandma’s Tea Cake, and Orangesicle, and Lemon Drop at the top. I did ALL of these cupcakes! Can you tell I’m proud of myself? Hehe =). But these are just their standard designs!

Here are a some of their custom designs:

For a birthday:

For a baby shower:

I can’t wait until I can start doing the custom designs!

I went a little apartment hunting over the weekend (the standard weekend) as well! I didn’t see anything too promising except for ONE place. It’s a small studio and I love it. I’m corresponding with the landlord, but I’m really crossing my fingers that everything will fall through. The commute to work has been the only thing I can really complain about with my new job. It has really not been fun at all…especially at 5 in the morning! I hope I can get this place…

Since today was my day off, I cleaned up (majorly needed) and also made a refreshing drink…THAI ICED TEA!

That Thai Iced Tea is from a restaurant, but for a while I’ve been wanting to make one at home!

I found some Thai tea leaves from the Asian Supermarket:

I measured out some tea leaves…

Immediately when I opened this bag I could smell the aroma of Thai Iced Tea...mmmmm!

And then placed it in a heat-safe bowl.

Then I boiled some water and poured it into the bowl:

And set the timer for 5 minutes!

You can already see the orange-yness to the tea…that made me excited!

Then you put some sugar into another heat-safe bowl:

And strain the tea into that bowl.

Make sure to get ALL the tea juice out of the leaves!

Then pour it in a cup and cool it in the fridge!

Look at the deep color in that tea. Soooo beautiful! This would normally serve one but I had to share with Jeff so we each only got half of this tea.

Once the tea is cooled, fill a cup with ice…

Pour the tea…

And slowly pour evaporated milk over the top!

This is actually my first time buying and using evaporated milk. I’d say it is an extremely watery version of condensed milk, which is awesome in my book!

Make sure to pour the evaporated milk slowly though because you really want that two layer effect with the Thai Iced Tea.

This is the beauty of Thai Iced Teas because you can mix it around completely (which Jeff likes to do) or mix it around slowly (which I like to do). No matter what, it eventually gets all mixed up…

Yum. It tasted exactly like in the Thai restaurants. Next time, I might put even less sugar (reflected in the final recipe)!

The hardest part about this is finding the Thai leaves. Go to your local Asian supermarket though, and you should be able to find it!

Thai Iced Tea

Serves: 1


2/3 cup Thai tea leaves

1 2/3 cup water, boiled

3 T sugar

Evaporated milk for topping (I used 2 T per drink)


Place Thai tea leaves in a heat-safe bowl. Pour the boiled water over the Thai tea leaves. Steep for 5 minutes.

In a separate heat-safe bowl, place the sugar. Strain the steeped tea through a fine mesh strainer into the bowl with the sugar.

Mix well so that the sugar gets dissolved into the tea.

Fill a tall glass with ice and pour the tea into the cup, leaving room at the top. Slowly pour in the evaporated milk so that it creates a double layer.

Mix and enjoy!

Nutritional Information: 160 calories, 0.5g fat, 0g saturated fat, 35mg sodium, 39g carbohydrates, 0g fiber, 39g sugar, 2g protein

May 5, 2011

first days, fun days

WHEW it’s been a LONG – but FUN – day and I’m dog tired!

I woke up earlier than I normally do, drove in about 45 minute slight traffic, and arrived for my FIRST DAY OF WORK! Seriously, I think this is the best job I’ve ever had. It’s no longer thinking “how much longgggerrrrrr” throughout the day. Okay, okay I know it’s only my FIRST day, but it was about 10000x better than any other first day at a job I’ve had!

They gave me my “uniform” today!

Now you know where I work. =)

Here’s some “my iPhone eats food” photos from my first day at work!

These are their one healthier lower fat cupcakes – made with a secret ingredient! It’s also their easiest cupcake to “frost” (hence why I was working on it!). Just dip and go!

The more experienced decorators decorated these with cute little ribbons:

These are the extra cupcakes that are made for “just in case” – just in case a cupcake that is supposed to go in an order gets messed up! Towards closing time, many customers will stop in and ask if the “extras” are ready yet so they can buy them. Or a lot of them will call or ask us to call when the “extras” are ready.

The fourth one from the left is my absolute favorite – their SNICKERDOODLE cupcake. I plan to eat one of these every single day I’m working here. It’s just a billowy, slightly sweet and slightly cinnamony CLOUD in your mouth. I brought a mini Snickerdoodle cupcake for Jeff today too, and he LOVED it of course.

For lunch today I didn’t have anything planned because I wasn’t really sure how it was going to work out. I ended up taking a half hour lunch and went to Rubio’s! Haven’t been here in forever and I LOVE their fish tacos with flour tortillas!

Trust me, there’s delicious flakey fish under there!

Well, I’m EXHAUSTED and should sleep soon, but before sleeping I need to do some mother’s day online shopping and maybe browse some apartments closer to work on Craigslist. I contacted someone through Craigslist regarding an apartment yesterday and when I got a reply back it was most definitely a scam. I HATE SCAMS! The response I got went something along the lines of “I’ve gotten tons of responses for this apartment and there’s only one person ahead of you! Whoever gives me a deposit first gets the apartment! Unfortunately my company sent me to Africa for a little while and the rest of my family is in the East Coast so you’ll have to wire me the money.” And lalalala the email is about 6 paragraphs long. There’s some merit to the saying that when someone gives more detail than necessary, they’re probably lying. There’s a saying like that right?


Have you ever been scammed? I have, a few years ago through Craigslist (and FALLEN for it – thankfully, not all the way though).