and the verdict is…

It’s been one heck of a day! I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday!

My stauge at the Cupcake bakery was scheduled for today at 9am. Because the bakery is not very close to where I live, and they asked me to come in at a time there would be high traffic, I stayed at one of my best friend’s house last night. She lives literally down the street from the bakery! I decided that if I get this job, I’ll rent out an apartment close to the bakery.

So I woke up way later than I would’ve if I had come from home, got an Iced Soy Latte from Starbucks, and drove 5 minutes to the bakery. It was nice!

My stauge today was much, much shorter than the one on Sunday. I worked directly with the owner/boss today, who is super nice and down to earth.

First she had me practice frosting cupcakes on their “reject” mini cupcakes:

This was much, much harder than I thought. Frosting cupcakes is not that hard, but frosting cupcakes exactly how they wanted it was super difficult! When the boss was showing me how they frosted their cupcakes, I thought “Alright, hand over the spatula! This should be a cinch.” =) Ehhh…not so much. None of the cupcakes up there are up to their standards.

And that’s something that I love about this cupcake bakery. They have a “Gordon Ramsay” mindset where they don’t want to send anything that’s not perfect. Love that!

They also had me practicing some of their basic designs…

The most challenging out of these was definitely the Hostess swirls – getting them uniform and straight.

I left the bakery with 2 boxes full of those “reject” cupcakes and being told that they would let me know their decision tomorrow…

But just a few hours later I got a call from them. They started out by telling me good things about me and so I was just WAITING for a “but” like “but we think we have to go with someone a little more experienced” but the “but” never came! They said, “We’d love for you to come work with us!”

And I replied, “Well, I’d love to accept!” And then came all the details which is always the fun part about starting a new job, besides getting hired of course.

My first day is on Thursday! The days I work will be Wednesday through Sundays and the hours will start at 6am and end anywhere from 1pm to 3pm, depending how busy the day is! I’m actually excited about these hours! Starting early and getting out early > Starting late and getting out late.

Thanks for all your crossed fingers (and toes!). =)

In other news, here’s what you get when you mix a Pyromaniac (Jeff) and these 2 objects…

A sad me:

Jeff had an urge to burn something with that mini torch, and so I gave him this ramekin thinking it’d be safe because it’s oven proof. I guess oven proof doesn’t mean direct fire proof? There was a sticker on the bottom of the ramekin, and Jeff burned the sticker off another ramekin and it came off really well. Not so successful this time…

Even though Jeff blew up (literally) my ramekin, I have him to thank for getting this job. I wasn’t even going to apply because I’m a huge natural pessimist and doubted I would even have a chance at the position. He urged me to apply those few weeks ago, and now look what happened. I have a new job to look forward to!


10 Comments to “and the verdict is…”

  1. Congratulations on the new job! I’m so thrilled for you.

  2. Yay!!! That is fantastic news! So happy for you:) I can’t wait to see all your “reject” cupcakes (they still look good to me:D)

  3. *claps hands* YAY!!! I’m really happy for you that you got the job! It sounds like so much fun! As for the hours…well…I can’t even imagine having to be at my job at 6:30 in the morning because sometimes I go to bed at 6:30 in the morning. My husband and I have worked nights for about 15 years now, and as much as I’d love to work at a bakery, I’m just not a morning person. But fortunately you are, and you landed yourself a great job! You should be so proud! :) And Jeff deserves a medal (or a bunch of cupcakes or something) for encouraging you to apply in the first place. You guys are a great team! :)

  4. congrats!! this is the perfect job! :) I would love to work in a bakery again, it is SO fun. great hours too!

  5. Wow, congratulations! Frosting and decorating are so challenging – you seem to be a natural at it!

  6. yea! congrats on the new job. your frosting technique and hostess swirls look pretty perfect to me so i’m not surprised they hired you:) can’t wait to hear more about your new work adventures.

  7. Oh my goodness so exciting! That sounds like it will be an awesome job!

  8. Oooh, I am so happy – you got the job!!!!!!!! A big congrats!

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