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May 10, 2011

a vagrant for the day

Hi all! Hope you’ve had a great Tuesday!

Today was my “Sunday” (going back to work tomorrow) so I was expecting to sleep in a little and have a nice relaxing day. Instead I was bombarded with construction workers who are remodeling the apartment I am at right now and I had to leave the apartment ASAP. I knew that they were going to be doing some remodeling work but I thought they were working on one room at a time and that I would be able to just chill in a room they weren’t working on. NOPE! I didn’t have have time to shower – just time to change and LEAVE.

They did make a lot of progress, but I won’t be staying here long enough to enjoy the remodeled changes!

Putting in a central AC system…

Took away the fireplace and extended the kitchen slightly…

Completely changed the bathroom sink…it used to be a white counter and half of the counter used to extend over the back of the toilet.

And completely stripped the kitchen down.

Yeah…no cooking here anytime soon!

So since I was basically kicked out of my place for the entire day I decided to kill some time walking around stores. I went to one of my favorite places…TJ MAXX!

I walked out of TJ Maxx with these – and only $13 poorer!

A cute, small bowl and something I’ve been looking for for a while – a utensil holder! I’ve been looking for one with a little more “character.”

Like I usually do while shopping at TJ Maxx, I looked up these products on my iPhone – just to see any reviews and compare prices. On Amazon, this utensil holder is being sold for $48.49 (including shipping)!!! At TJ Maxx, it was $7.99. I didn’t even have to debate with myself, I was taking it home with me!

I love that it is deep and the utensils have enough room in there.

I didn’t really have any reason to buy this bowl other than the fact I loved the color, it was $3, and I could see myself using it a lot. It’s the perfect size from cereal to serving homemade whipped cream.

When Jeff got off work, we were going to go watch Thor in IMAX 3D. But it was going to end up costing practically $40 for the both of us! YOWZA. I guess it was so expensive because it was 3D AND IMAX – but $40 was just ridiculous. We decided to pass on the movie and get an early dinner instead at La Salsa where they were having Taco Tuesday for $.99/taco. Much better than $40 for a movie!

LOOOVE salsa bars. My favorite salsa is Pico de Gallo. And of course I love that thing in the top right corner…

Well tomorrow I’m back to work with the cupcakes bright and early at 6am! And later in the evening I’m meeting with the landlord of the studio that I’m really wanting to move into. Hoping it goes well!!

What is your favorite type of salsa? Chunky Pico de Gallo? Smoother restaurant salsa? Green salsa? Salsa from a jar?