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May 9, 2011

an orange drink

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great weekend!

This weekend was my first weekend spent WORKING! It was really fun though, so I didn’t mind. My weekends have now shifted to Mondays and Tuesdays (which means I am on my weekend now!)

I am really loving my job. Remember how I said I was having trouble with frosting the cupcakes? Well, I think I’m finally starting to get it! They’ve even let me start frosting and decorating their “extra” cupcakes – which is a HUGE privilege!

From left to right: Snickerdoodle (I can’t not have one of these each day I’m working), Red Velvet, Buttercup, Carrot Cake, Grandma’s Tea Cake, and Orangesicle, and Lemon Drop at the top. I did ALL of these cupcakes! Can you tell I’m proud of myself? Hehe =). But these are just their standard designs!

Here are a some of their custom designs:

For a birthday:

For a baby shower:

I can’t wait until I can start doing the custom designs!

I went a little apartment hunting over the weekend (the standard weekend) as well! I didn’t see anything too promising except for ONE place. It’s a small studio and I love it. I’m corresponding with the landlord, but I’m really crossing my fingers that everything will fall through. The commute to work has been the only thing I can really complain about with my new job. It has really not been fun at all…especially at 5 in the morning! I hope I can get this place…

Since today was my day off, I cleaned up (majorly needed) and also made a refreshing drink…THAI ICED TEA!

That Thai Iced Tea is from a restaurant, but for a while I’ve been wanting to make one at home!

I found some Thai tea leaves from the Asian Supermarket:

I measured out some tea leaves…

Immediately when I opened this bag I could smell the aroma of Thai Iced Tea...mmmmm!

And then placed it in a heat-safe bowl.

Then I boiled some water and poured it into the bowl:

And set the timer for 5 minutes!

You can already see the orange-yness to the tea…that made me excited!

Then you put some sugar into another heat-safe bowl:

And strain the tea into that bowl.

Make sure to get ALL the tea juice out of the leaves!

Then pour it in a cup and cool it in the fridge!

Look at the deep color in that tea. Soooo beautiful! This would normally serve one but I had to share with Jeff so we each only got half of this tea.

Once the tea is cooled, fill a cup with ice…

Pour the tea…

And slowly pour evaporated milk over the top!

This is actually my first time buying and using evaporated milk. I’d say it is an extremely watery version of condensed milk, which is awesome in my book!

Make sure to pour the evaporated milk slowly though because you really want that two layer effect with the Thai Iced Tea.

This is the beauty of Thai Iced Teas because you can mix it around completely (which Jeff likes to do) or mix it around slowly (which I like to do). No matter what, it eventually gets all mixed up…

Yum. It tasted exactly like in the Thai restaurants. Next time, I might put even less sugar (reflected in the final recipe)!

The hardest part about this is finding the Thai leaves. Go to your local Asian supermarket though, and you should be able to find it!

Thai Iced Tea

Serves: 1


2/3 cup Thai tea leaves

1 2/3 cup water, boiled

3 T sugar

Evaporated milk for topping (I used 2 T per drink)


Place Thai tea leaves in a heat-safe bowl. Pour the boiled water over the Thai tea leaves. Steep for 5 minutes.

In a separate heat-safe bowl, place the sugar. Strain the steeped tea through a fine mesh strainer into the bowl with the sugar.

Mix well so that the sugar gets dissolved into the tea.

Fill a tall glass with ice and pour the tea into the cup, leaving room at the top. Slowly pour in the evaporated milk so that it creates a double layer.

Mix and enjoy!

Nutritional Information: 160 calories, 0.5g fat, 0g saturated fat, 35mg sodium, 39g carbohydrates, 0g fiber, 39g sugar, 2g protein

April 25, 2011

thai and books

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! Over here we celebrated Easter at church, and the rest of the weekend was very relaxing. It was nice to not have set plans this weekend especially since past weekends have been jam packed.

For lunch yesterday we had Thai food! It really hit the spot because we both haven’t had Thai food in a loooong while.

We ordered some Thai Iced Teas…

Pad See Ew:

and Green Curry with Chicken:

We did come to a conclusion after this weekend ended though. WE NEED TO STOP EATING OUT! Why is it so easy to eat out? Just this past weekend we ate at this Thai restaurant, Dickey’s BBQ, and a burger place called Jack’s Prime. One meal out can easily total to $30, which can really add up.

So our conclusion? To really, really, really make an effort to eat out only ONCE a week. Let’s see if we can do it!

Last night I stayed up waaaay too late reading this:

This is one of my favorite books, EVER. I read this first when I was in Middle School and after that many MANY times. But then I ended up giving this book away, along with ALL of my favorite childhood books, which is one of the biggest regrets of my life (melodramatic much?). I have this habit of throwing/giving away anything I don’t need. I HATE clutter, and hated it even as a kid.

So of course, as I became a foolish teenager, I thought, “I don’t need these books anymore! I’ve waaay outgrown them now!” and I gave my whole collection away. Foolish, foolish, foolish.

But slowly, slowly I am trying to build up my childhood collection again. I recently repurchased a couple other childhood favorites:

Probably another ALL-TIME favorite.

And another favorite classic. Ahhh, memories. I’m hoping to get the whole collection again.

I love the idea of Kindles and iPads (and totally want one for myself), but for childhood books (and cookbooks), I’m all about the real deal. I mean, I hope my own kids will one day read these same classics and I wouldn’t want them to read it from a Kindle or iPad! So repurchasing these books is totally an investment. =) (I’m trying to make myself feel better after giving away tons and tons of childhood classics. SIGH.)

What were your favorite books growing up? How many times do you usually eat our per week?