new-to-me ingredients

Today, I made the trek to Whole Foods to get some ingredients for a couple recipes. It’s been a while since I’d been there! Actually, that’s a lie. I was just there on Sunday, but it was somewhat of a failure of a trip because I didn’t find what I was looking for at that particular Whole Foods. So of course, I went again today to a different Whole Foods. And I made sure to go Jeff-less – so I could take allll the time I wanted.

These are some of the things I came home with.

There is a common theme with all these ingredients (except for the whole wheat pastry flour in the back) – this was the first time I ever bought any of these products!

Ginger Chews: Deliciously chewy!

Garlic Gold nuggets: I’ve been wanting to try these but only saw them online, so I was ecstatic to see them on SALE at Whole Foods! They are crunchy and perfectly garlicky. I could finish this container in one sitting – so good!

Garbanzo Beans: I was surprised to find how hard chickpeas are!

Curry Powder: There were quite a few curry powders to choose from, but this one had the deepest color and just looked so delicious! It also helped that it was on sale (thought it still wasn’t cheaper than the cheapest one).

Nutritional Yeast: I’ve heard people describe this looking like fish food. And, it REALLY does.

The last three products, Garbanzo beans/chickpeas, curry powder, and nutritional yeast, I bought specifically for this recipe – Mama Pea’s MMMM sauce!

It’s strange, I’ve never heard of Yummm sauce, and never tasted yet alone seen/smelled/heard/touched nutritional yeast before, but I had a very strong urge to make this sauce. I guess Mama Pea just puts something into her writing that lures whoever reads it into making whatever she’s writing about.

And the magic worked!

This sauce is MMMMMMMM.

And this is what it’s made of:

I pretty much followed the recipe exactly, except made a few changes out of convenience and what I had on hand. Here are a few changes that I made from the original recipe:

-I used nut butter (Nuttzo specifically) in place of almonds because I didn’t have any. I could’ve easily bought almonds but I was making this sauce in a single-serve blender and thought that the nut butter would blend in better than the almonds.

-I used lime juice in place of lemon juice because I have a lot of limes.

-I used extra virgin olive oil in place of canola oil (Mama Pea says any oil is fine)

-I used fresh cilantro in place of dried cilantro because I had fresh and I am OBSESSED with cilantro. I put about 1/4 a cup.

-I didn’t use dried oregano because I didn’t have any.

-I used about 3 times as much garlic because I’m obsessed with garlic too.

And now, I need to find more recipes including nutritional yeast.

Because it sure made a beautiful sauce…

I drizzled the sauce on veggies…and said MMMMMM….

And drizzled it on my dinner…and continued to say MMMMM….

Which reminds me, I tried Wild Alaskan salmon for the first time tonight! (boy, there really were lots of new ingredients for me today!)

The verdict? I was pleasantly surprised! It wasn’t toooo different from farm-raised salmon, and it was still delicious. The texture was a little different though – not sure how to describe it – not as flaky and more meaty? It definitely had less fat than the farm-raised salmon because when I went to sautee the spinach, which I usually sautee in the leftover salmon fat, I had to add in more oil because there was hardly any in there from the Wild Alaskan salmon!

That’s a clean plate. But it’s not cleaned with a sponge – it was cleaned with my tongue. Yum. I mean, oops!

Head to Mama Pea’s blog for the original recipe!


4 Comments to “new-to-me ingredients”

  1. that sauce looks and sounds incredible! i’ll have to give this a try :)

  2. it is…you should definitely make it!

  3. oh i’ve been wanting to try the garlic gold nuggets and nutritional yeast, so glad to hear that whole foods has both products! and mama peas yumm sauce looks beyond yummy. must try soon.

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