birthday weekend…and my dog

It’s only late Wednesday, and I’m already thinking about the weekend. Since next Tuesday is my birthday, this weekend is officially my “birthday weekend.”

To be honest, I wish it were any old weekend – I need a weekend to just do NOTHING! The past weekends have just been packed. But birthday weekends don’t usually involve doing nothing.

But maybe I will request one thing for my birthday weekend.

A relaxing trip to the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market.








And it’s always fun to people and animal watch!


I have a very strong belief that (small) dogs actually feel comfortable and safe inside backpacks.


This is my old dog Candy (girly name, but he’s a boy). He passed away at 15 years old last September.

In this picture, we took him to the vet after he had his first seizure (which was one of the most terrifying experiences ever!), a few months before he passed. He was so scared.


Anyway, back to the main point. Candy LOVED being in backpacks! There was a time I snuck him into my university dorms for a few months (still can’t believe I got away with it!) and so whenever I took him out to go potty, I had to put him into my backpack. But whenever we got back into the dorms, I set the backpack down to let him come out and he would just chill in there for a while! And he always willingly went into the backpack himself when it was time to go potty. Funny doggy. =)

Here he is tangled up in my cell phone charging wire. =)


OK, this post started about my birthday weekend and has now made me all-out nostalgic for Candy. Wah. Come back!

Alright I’ll end with this picture of the dogs of my life.

They are all passed, but it still makes me smile to think about them. Candy’s the one in the middle. His sister (same momma, different litter) is to the right. Her name is Shana. Everyone says they look like twins but they look as different as night and day to me! The black dog on the left (named Coco) is my first dog – we got him when I was five or so.

My loves! Even if I get another dog in the future, they will never be replaceable. =)


9 Comments to “birthday weekend…and my dog”

  1. oh, sweet Candy! <3 thanks for sharing… if it hasn't already become apparent, it will soon – I love dogs, and my Basil is important to me – I take him everywhere I can… sorry about your loss, it's so hard! I hope you are ready for a dog soon :) never replaced, always remembered!

    the farmers market looks lovely – we have many here, and a couple have recently opened… perhaps that will be in our weekend too! Happy Thursday!!

  2. Check this out!
    I gave you an award because I love your blog and I think you are awesome!

  3. The Ferry Market photos are beautiful!! I only got to browse for about 10 min. when I was there. Definitely need to go back!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday!

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