everyday dessert

Look at that gloop of marshmallow. Yum.

I need something sweet (aka dessert) every night. It can range from a tiny piece of chocolate to a bowl of ice cream to one of these. It doesn’t matter what!

I have to admit, I’m partial to ice cream though…

Specifically Haagen-Dazs.

Specifically the flavors Green Tea…or Coffee…or Rocky Road.

What’s your favorite sweet way to end the day?


6 Responses to “everyday dessert”

  1. that ice cream looks crazy good! i want some now!
    i’d say my favorite dessert is chocolate =)

  2. Mmm, I am not one who requires dessert, but if I am craving something, lately it is chocolate… summertime I crave more fruit based – tarts or sorbets – or something like the green tea ice cream you mentioned… oh YUM !

  3. I’m really into Klondike bars these days…MMMM. :)

  4. i always need dessert as well, and i do not discriminate.


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