project 180

You may or may not have noticed that usually at the bottom of my recipe posts, I provide nutritional information for that particular recipe. Why, you ask?

Well, for this guy.

Jeff has quite a bit of weight to lose (he knows it too!) and we’ve been working together to have him lose weight for about a year now.

The thing is…as much as I love Jeff, I love baking and cooking too. And not necessarily with low-fat/low-carb/ultra-healthy ingredients.


Don’t get me wrong — we do eat our fruits and vegetables! In fact, over the past year I have gotten Jeff to get in a nice rotation of fruits and vegetables — ones that he actually enjoys! Things like steamed broccoli dipped in sesame oil, fruit smoothies, hummus, stir fried vegetables, roasted vegetables, kale chips, sauteed spinach, and more! Believe me, before me, he lived off meat and fast food!

But at the same time…I love making these:


And I want him to enjoy some of these…


Plus, who else is going to taste-test everything I make?

So what do I do? I calculate the nutritional information for almost everything I make so Jeff can enjoy it too — in moderation of course! Is it meticulous? Yes. Would it be easier not to? Yes. But is it worth it? Yes.

I believe in having the best of both worlds. So far this past year Jeff has lost almost 50 pounds. And he gets his cake too. That’s a win in my book!


I couldn’t be more proud of Jeff. I know from experience that losing weight is one of the hardest things to do (I’ve lost 40, give or take, myself!) Of course there are days that he will slide back (hello, weekends!), but really, the only reason he has been able to lose about 50 pounds is because he wants to lose the weight. Not because I or anyone else wants him to. Actually in fact, if it weren’t for the health aspect of being overweight, I’d keep him just as he is right now. I think he’s cute. =)

But really, the hard truth is that because I love him and I want him to stick around for as long as possible, the weight has got to go.

So why Project 180? He thought the number 180 had a nice ring to it. Yeah, so needless to say 180 isn’t the exact weight he is going for. I won’t disclose Jeff’s exact weight (though right now he is at the lowest he’s been since he can remember!) but ultimately, his goal is to simply get under 200 pounds. Of course, without completely giving up these. =)


I remember when we first started dating about 2 years ago, and I was not yet comfortable to bring up the issue about his weight with him. But I eventually did, even though it took me about an hour to actually finally blurt out, “so…have you ever considered losing weight…?”  I was afraid he’d be upset with me, but instead he laughed and admitted that he had.

Now, I have no problem just telling him, “I don’t think you should eat that.” Sometimes, a person just needs a little accountability in their life. =)

Won’t you root him on? =)

Have you had any experience helping someone lose weight?

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6 Comments to “project 180”

  1. I recently lost 80 pounds by watching what I ate and excercise. Unfortunatly I gained 30 back within 6 months but am starting my regimin back up. I began my weight loss at 255 and would like to lose about 100-130 so I’ve got a ways to go. Good luck Jeff!

  2. i’ve lost about 35 lbs and kept it off for a long time, but i rarely feel like i’m denying myself. i drink water all day long and fill my meals with my favorite fruits and vegetables: lately avocado, mango, green beans and rocket greens. but i’m definitely a sucker for sweets (as is my husband), but we both encourage each other to eat healthy and indulge sometimes. it’s so wonderful to have someone who wants you around for a long time:)

  3. It’s so refreshing to see someone discussing weight on a food blog. I read a ton of cooking blogs, and none of them discuss eating habits or gaining and losing weight (my blog included). It’s nice to have a reality check though, that all this food we read and write about does goes somewhere! Great post.

    Oh and I’m loving your blog!

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