a few of my favorite tools

I made these again today, just because. I can’t get enough of them!

But today, I’m not talking about cookies — I’m talking about tools! Kitchen tools that is.

My favorite tools are the ones I use the most often. As I got things ready to make the cookies, I immediately got out these favorite, go-to kitchen tools.


1. Rubber Spatula

I absolutely hate leaving behind batter residue when I’m pouring batter, for instance when I’m transferring wet ingredients to dry ingredients. This spatula ensures that I get every last drop! Plus, since it’s heat resistant it’s perfect to use for almost any cooking endeavor.


2. Cookie Scoopers

I’m a sucker for uniform cookies. If you are too, I absolutely recommend these scoopers! The dough slides out so easily and beautifully!

I like using the smaller scooper for these cookies because they spread out a lot. It’s the perfect size!


3. Cookie Spatula

I am in love and it’s with this spatula. I was looking for a good spatula for cookies and other delicate pastries, and I hit the jackpot with this one.

It’s flexible so you can get it as flat as flat can be. No more huge plastic spatulas that can easily break your delicate baked goods! AND, the other day I was flipping through one of my favorite cookbooks and stopped at this page:

Do you see a familiar item?? Specifically…the spatula?? It must be a good spatula if it made it onto Martha’s Cookbook right? =) If you are looking for an awesome spatula, you can find it here.


4. Sifter

I try to make a point to sift every time I bake and there are dry ingredients involved, which is pretty much every time! Sure, its an extra step, but I have a blast doing it and I think it makes the pastry turn out better in the end.


5. Parchment Paper

I use parchment paper for a lot of things. I bake things on it, use it as a back drop for photos, roll out dough onto it, use it to transfer dry ingredients, etc etc etc! I <3 parchment paper.

But even though I have my parchment paper to bake on, I have to say I have been swept away by this…

Bonus tool: Silpat

I’ll be honest, I was skeptical when I bought this baking mat. I thought, “how great can it be?” Well, I’ll tell you that this tool is not overrated. Nothing sticks onto it, and I swear it seems to make my baked goods bake more evenly! I’m in love.


What is your favorite kitchen tool (or tools if you can’t choose one)?


4 Comments to “a few of my favorite tools”

  1. all those tools look really useful! that spatula is especially cool =)

  2. My favorite is hands down the rubber spatula!

  3. I love my flat metal spatula and the rubber spatula too…and I use parchment paper and I love my baking sheet. Also my balloon whisk – its so fast for hand-whisking, no messy mixer to wash up afterward!

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