cake box cupcakes

This cupcake is made from a cake box mix. But I almost don’t care! In fact, I may be sticking with the box mixes from now on when making the standard cake…

Today, I used these mixes.

And I’m so glad I did. Maybe it’s because I’m obsessed with all things “vanilla” but this, to me, was the perfect cake.

I actually wanted to use this cake box mix to make cake pops, but I needed to make sure the cake mix was good itself. A taste test of sorts! It passed the test and I can’t wait to make cake pops with these.

Even though I was using a cake box mix, I decided to spruce things up just a little bit with a few details…


1. I sifted the dry ingredients…


2. I used these cute brown cupcake liners. They were a nice change from the usual pastel colors!


3. I used Kerrygold butter for the frosting. This may be my new favorite butter. It seems to get softer quicker than regular butter and it tastes divine.

I’m salivating just thinking about it.


4. Lastly, to spruce things up, I added beautiful vanilla bean specks to the frosting.

So lovely! The little specks always add a little special something.


These cupcakes were so fun to decorate! After letting them cool…


I busted out my pastry bag and tips!

True story: I bought these in high school, along with a bunch of other kitchen tools with money that my mom had given me. I came home from the kitchen supply store with bags of kitchen tools, for some reason expecting my mom to be proud of me. It was more like the opposite. She was furious that I had wasted so much money!

Well, look at me now, ma! Still using these pastry bags, and much of the other kitchen tools I bought some 9 years ago or so. I wouldn’t call that a waste of money — I’d call it an investment. ;)


It was really easy mixing up the frosting.

I love my hand mixer…even though I think it’s older than I am…

It hasn’t let me down yet!

Then I filled up my pastry bag with the frosting…


And then I piped my head off..

My favorite design was the “roses” (the ones on the right). It definitely got easier to do as I decorated more. Whenever I did mess up, I just smeared the frosting like the ones on the bottom left. I also really liked the ones on the top left. The ones below those looked a little too much like spiky hair or something haha.

All in all, I will definitely be using these cake box mixes again!


7 Comments to “cake box cupcakes”

  1. oh my, those look downright amazing!

  2. they look delicious to me, must try baker josef’s (don’t you love tj’s names for products?) cupcake mix.
    p.s. i used boxed cake mix to make my triple chocolate cake balls and they were fantastic!

  3. Those look SO good…as do the pictures!

  4. I can’t really tell the difference between from-scratch cupcakes and boxed cupcakes. I really love your pictures, and I think the real piping definitely helped make them look so sophisticated and pretty!

  5. Sounds like you had a lot of fun making these!

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