back from the south

Southern California that is!

We had such a wonderful weekend.

We celebrated birthdays…


Went to the happiest place on earth…


Ate at a few of our favorite places…

Dweji Galbi (Pork Spare Ribs) and Gamja Tang (Potato Stew) at Ham Ji Park


and sweet potato mousse-stuffed crust pizza from Mr. Pizza


Needless to say, we ate really well this weekend. Hey, it was vacation for us after all!

Unfortunately, the great weather we had been having throughout the weekend took a turn for the worse on Sunday as we were heading back north. We saw quite a few of these…

Thankfully, we made it back home safely (and slowly)!

I’m already missing these little munchkins though…they were so sad when it was time for us to leave and our little niece cried after we left.


Can’t wait for our next adventures down south!

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3 Comments to “back from the south”

  1. wow – looks like you had such a fun time in la! glad you got back safe…

  2. now that pizza looks beyond amazing! one word: wow!
    hope you had a lovely trip.

  3. That pizza looks to die for! Those little kids are so cute! I haven’t been to Disneyland in a while, I definitely need to go back soon!

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