off to tahoe!

Well, we’re off to Tahoe for the weekend! There won’t be any snowboarding or skiing, but it’ll just be a laid back weekend full of hanging out, playing in the snow, a buffet, and maybe a little blackjack?? =P

Hopefully the weather will be awesome and there will be lots of snow at the same time. I guess I could just check the weather…but I’ll just find out when we get there. =)

True story, I gambled for the first time a couple months ago and turned $20 into $200! Well, I turned $20 into $100 by playing blackjack, and then played roulette and doubled it to $200. I never gambled before because I never saw the thrill in it, but…when you win it’s kind of fun. ;) It’s just knowing when to stop!

Before we go to Tahoe we’ll be returning the lenses we borrowed! We had some last minute fun with the macro lens by taking supppper close-ups of our eyeballs. Heheh =). It was fun while we had the lenses, but I’m actually excited to return to my 17-55mm! It gives me a lot more flexibility!

Do you have any plans for the weekend? Do you like/hate to gamble??


5 Comments to “off to tahoe!”

  1. love that first shot! no plans for the weekend – just chilling. i never have good luck with blackjack!!

  2. get ready for a fun weekend =D

  3. I hate gambling, the second I lose it pretty much ruins all the fun. I also do not know when to stop! Haha. I hope you have an amazing time in Tahoe!!! When you get back you should definitely cook up some squash :-)

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