Organizing My Make-up

Well there are officially no more cookies left from yesterday. I shared them with Jeff’s parents and Jeff and I ate a ton, and now…they’re gone! Must. Make. More.

Lately I’ve been getting at least one pimple per week. I’d get one pimple, it’d pop (or Jeff would pop it…he’s strangely fascinated with popping pimples), it’d heal by the end of the week, and then the whole cycle would start again the next week. Yeah, not very pretty.

I have a suspicion this happens because my make-up looks like this…

I mean, even my make-up brushes are in there! So I’m essentially rubbing all this dirty gunk on my face. I even washed all the make-up in this bag recently but just the fact that they’re jumbled up in a bag like this makes it inevitable that it gets dirty again.

So a few days ago I researched make-up organizers on Amazon. Actually, I started out by researching mini laptop desks, but somehow ended up in the make-up organizer section. That’s what I love about online shopping – you can go into a completely different “market” without taking a step! Or I’m just lazy?

Plus, it’s great to see all the different varieties of one thing you can get. And not to mention you can see reviews on the products, which are usually helpful!

So after I did a little online shopping, 2 short days later (today) I received this!

I chose this one because I really liked the little holes I could use for mascara, lipstick, etc and also the shelves were a nice touch. And I love the clock too! There have been times when I’m getting ready for something and wonder how much time I have left till I need to get out of the house. So I’m sure that will come in handy!

So once I got home, I got out some baby shampoo/wash…

And got to cleaning…

Ahhh….much better!

And then I organized my make-up from this…

To this!

This make-up organizer isn’t super big but it fits everything I want it to. Here’s what I put on top:

And on the bottom:

Now, I don’t even use half of this stuff on a daily basis but I really like to see everything I have and if I do want something I can just quickly grab it like this. I find that with a lot of things – not just make-up – if it’s out in the open and easily visible you’re most likely to use it!

As for my brushes, I like to keep them separate in a mason jar:

Well, after all that I really hope the one-pimple-a-week thing stops here! The only con to this make-up organizer is that it is made out of somewhat cheap plastic. It does it’s job though and looks nice, so I’m happy with my purchase!

What about you? If you use make-up, what is your favorite way to organize it?


13 Comments to “Organizing My Make-up”

  1. love that organizer! hope it helps with the pimples =)

  2. how fun~ i love organizing things too!

  3. That is so awesome! I love it and I need it. I am sick of digging around in my make-up bag for stuff.

  4. What a cute organizer! Unfortunately, my make-up looks like your “before” picture. I had it all organized in a basket, but when I’m in a hurry it just gets thrown back in my bag. I SO need an organizer!!

    • i know – i’m kind of worried about this too! i know at some point i’ll want to take my make-up in my purse with me. hopefully i’ll be good and won’t make a mess of things again when i do that!

  5. LOVE that organizer- my bathroom drawers sure would too! My stash makes your before picture look good ;)

  6. What a great organizer! It will definitely help keep your makeup clean. I did a post about a makeup brush organizer that I think you might like. You could add little beads to your mason jar to make it similar to mine:

  7. oooh i NEED one of those. your’s is so pretty!

  8. You’ve reminded me that I need to wash my makeup brushes. I’m so bad about that.
    I’m lucky to have a vanity in my bathroom that has drawers so all my makeup goes in there.

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